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Duran Excavating 2012 Projects

Water System Improvements for the Town of Nunn


DEI was awarded the Water System Improvements Project by the Town of Nunn. Work includes replacement of approx. 25,000 lf of 4" to 12" water main, fire hydrants and replacement of approximately 110 meter pits, boring under HWY 85, re-grading of ditches and roads, and asphalt removal and replacement.

11th Ave Waterline Replacement


DEI was awarded the 11th Ave Waterline Replacement from City of Evans. Work includes 12" PVC, 2600 lf & Abandonment of Existing Lines and Valves. Connection of Existing Water Lines, Services & Fire Hydrants. On State Farm Road installing 353 lf of 8" PVC Water Main & Connect to Existing Water Lines.

Noble Energy District 15 Field Office


DEI was awarded the Noble Energy Supply Building from GE Johnson Construction Co. Work includes Earthwork and Utilities for Noble Energy Storage Facilities.

Stapleton Filing 10A


DEI was awarded the Stapleton Filing 10A- Phase 1 project from M.A. Mortenson Construction. Work includes Erosion Control, 8" PVC Sanitary Sewer, Manholes, Storm Sewer 18” – 30" RCP, Inlets, 8” C-900 Water Main, Fire Hydrants, and Traffic Control.

2012 General Storm Improvements


DEI was awarded the 2012 General Storm Improvements from City and County of Denver Department of Public Works. Work includes Replacement of City Wide Storm Sewer. This work includes Removal and Replacement of approx. 5,300 lf of 15-24" Storm Sewer, approx. 308 lf of 8" Sanitary Sewer, 24 Manholes, 24 Inlets, Removal and Replacement of approx. 9,000 sf of Concrete Intersection, Gutter/Curb & Sidewalk. Additional work includes Excavation, Asphalt Work, Landscaping & Dewatering.

Greeley # 2 Trail Improvements


DEI was awarded the Greeley #2 Trail Improvements project from the Town of Windsor. Work includes concrete trail with crusher fines.

Fort Collins South Transit Center


DEI was awarded the Fort Collins South Transit Center project from Growling Bear Company Inc. The work includes site clear and grub, site demolition, overlot grading, erosion control, structural excavation, backfill, and placement of topsoil.

Interim Inflow Pipe Project


DEI was awarded the Interim Inflow Pipe Project from United Water and Sanitation District. Work includes install of 36" Storm Drain.