Duran Excavating 2022 Projects

Collins 35 Roundabout Project for The Town of Eaton

DEI was awarded the Collins 35 Roundabout project from The Town of Eaton. This project is for the construction of a roundabout at WCR 74 & WCR 35. Detailed work includes installation of approximately 3,552 TN of asphalt 2,911 CY of aggregate base course, installation of approx. 1,175 LF of 15”- 36” RCP 87 LF of RCES (23”x14”), 4,389 SY of 8.5” concrete truck apron, 1,630 SY of concrete median (6”), 1,055 SY of concrete sidewalk, 4,422 LF of CDOT vertical II-B (2’ Gutter), 3,527 LF of CDOT mountable Type-I-M (1’ gutter), 263 LF of CDOT mountable type II-M (2’ gutter), 18,284 SY base/subbase prep work. Work also includes removal and disposal off-site of approximately 28100 SF of gravel surface, 11,242 SY of asphalt pavement, 260 LF of curb and gutter, 264 LF storm culvert and other miscellaneous work.

Poudre Trunk Sanitary Sewer Phase II

DEI was awarded the PoudreTrunk Sanitary Sewer Phase II project from the Lake Bluff Metropolitan District No. 1. This project is for the installation of 30” sanitary sewer system. Detailed work includes installation of approx. 7,850 lf of 30” PVC sanitary sewer at depths of 12’-18’, installation of (20) 72” manholes, dewatering including installation of 7,000 lf of pipe wells and pumping, asphalt replacement, gravel road replacement, installation of concrete path and erosion control.

37th & 2 Rivers Parkway for the City of Greeley

DEI was awarded the 37th & 2 Rivers Parkway project from the City of Greeley. The project will include pavement widening for auxiliary lane improvements and construction of a traffic signal at the 37th Street & Two Rivers Parkway intersection. Detailed work includes removals, 817 cy of unclassified excavation, 700 cy of aggregate base course, asphalt paving, installation of curb & gutter, culvert headwall, 125 lf of 30” RCP storm pipe, installation of traffic signal, erosion control & landscaping and traffic control.

66th/68th & Denali Project for the Colorado International Center Metropolitan District NO. 7

DEI was awarded the 66th/68th & Denali Project from the Colorado International Center Metropolitan District No. 7. This project includes storm, sanitary and waterline installation and roadway construction of 66th and 68th Avenues and Denali St. Detailed work includes installation of approximately 5,000 lf of 12” waterline, storm water & drainage installation including approximately 1,100 lf of 18” – 42” RCP, inlets & manholes, box culvert, pond forebay, headwalls & wingwalls & riprap and installation of 82 lf of 12” PVC sanitary sewer & manhole at 40’ depth. Roadway improvements include excavation & grading, subgrade prep & treatment, asphalt paving and concrete flatwork including curb & gutter, sidewalks & ramps.