Duran Excavating 2021 Projects

Old Town Imp Project Phase II in Severance

DEI was awarded the Old Town Improvements Project Phase II from the Town of Severance. The project includes removals, earthwork, grading and the placement of concrete curb and gutter, concrete sidewalk, and asphalt pavement for five (5) local residential streets within the Old Town area of Severance. The project includes the relocation of sanitary sewer and water lines and installation of storm drainage facilities. Detailed work includes removals, 7,163 cy of excavation, 1,613 cy of embankment, installation of 300 lf of 8” sanitary sewer and manholes, 662 lf of 12” to 24” RCP storm sewer, manholes & inlets, construction of detention pond outlet structure and spillway, asphalt paving, concrete curb, gutter and sidewalks and erosion control.

Centerplace Turn Lane Imp Project in Greeley

DEI was awarded the Centerplace Turn Lane Improvements Phase II from the City of Greeley. The work to be performed includes adding a new turn lane along Centerplace Drive at 44th Ave. Detailed work includes clearing & grubbing, earthwork and embankment, removal of existing asphalt, concrete pavement and concrete flatwork, installation of traffic signals, asphalt and concrete paving, landscaping and irrigation repairs and traffic control.

1st Avenue at Emery Street Intersection Imp Project in Longmont

DEI was awarded the 1st Ave. at Emery St. Intersection Improvements & Rail Crossing project from the City of Longmont. The work to be performed under this contract generally includes intersection improvements, new traffic signal installation and rail crossing improvements at 1st Avenue and Emery Street. Major construction items includes: removals, asphalt pavement, concrete curb/gutter and sidewalk, electrical and traffic signal installation, pavement markings and traffic control.

35th Avenue Widening & utility Improvements Project in Greeley

DEI was awarded the 35th Ave. Widening & Utility Improvements Phase 1 project from the City of Greeley. This project includes work for the completed urban arterial street will be widened to have two-way left turn lane, a raised / landscaped median, curb & gutter, sidewalks, asphalt paving, on-street bike lanes, a modified traffic signal at 4th Street, a new emergency traffic signal at the Fire Station, and a new pedestrian HAWK Beacon signal for the trail crossing along No. 3 Canal. This project involves box culvert extensions, wing walls, retaining walls, channel grading, bridge rail, guardrail, and storm drainage improvements, including installation of 720 lf of 18”, 217 lf of 24”, 217 lf of 30” and 130 lf of 36” RCP Storm sewer pipe, crossing over waterline and sanitary sewer line. Phase 1 of the 35th Avenue Utility Project includes installation of 1,400 lf 24” C900 non-potable water line from the Greeley irrigation canal to F Street, construction of a dissipation structure at GIC #3, installation 430 lf of 20” waterline from C Street to F Street, installation of 140 lf of 18” and 1,300 lf of 24” sanitary sewer line from C Street to F Street. The potable water line will have 12-inch stub-outs to allow future developments to tie in for water service. Installation will require dewatering and sanitary sewer bypass pumping.

Resilient St. Vrain Project in Longmont

DEI was awarded the Resilient St. Vrain Project – Izaak Walton Reach 1 Utility Relocation project from the City of Longmont. This project includes work for the Relocation of Utilities including sewer main and waterline near St. Vrain creek and channel improvements due to 2013 Flooding. Detailed work includes removal of existing sanitary and waterline, installation of approximately 540 lf of 12” and 214 lf of 36” PVC Sanitary Sewer line, 264 lf of DIP sewer line crossing St. Vrain Creek, 7 manholes, installation of 545 lf of 12” PVC and 198 lf of 24” welded steel Waterline, 71 lf of cooper service line, hydrants, and gate valves. Creek crossing requires extensive excavation and shoring for installation of sanitary sewer 10’ below creek bottom. Work also includes concrete ditch lining, removal and replacement of concrete curb & gutter, sidewalks and asphalt and landscape restoration. Work includes extensive dewatering including installation of well points and pumping and sanitary bypass pumping.