Duran Excavating 2017 Projects

Harmony 23 project

DEI was awarded the Harmony 23 project from Shaw Construction. This project includes site utilities & earthwork. Detailed utility work includes installation of approximately 1,640 l.f. of 12”, 2,587 l.f. of 8” and 1,000 l.f. of 6”, sanitary sewer main, depths of 20’ deep, with 6” services to all buildings, including manholes, installation of 16” and 24” steel casing, cleanouts and cutoff walls, installation of approx. 2,072 l.f. of 12”, 3,293 l.f. of 8” and 330 l.f. of 6” water main and associated fire hydrants and domestic services to all buildings, 230 l.f. of waterline borings and vaults, installation of approximately 560 l.f. of 60”, 1,677 l.f. of 54”, 500 l.f. of 48”, 356 l.f. of 36”, 470 l.f. of 24” and 283 l.f. of 18” RCP and 270 l.f. of 15” DIP storm sewer system, depths 10-20’ deep, including manholes, inlets, pond outlet structures and riprap. Project includes deep cuts up to 28’ for utility system and high ground water requiring well points for dewatering. Detailed earthwork work includes erosion control, removal of existing road, strip and respreads topsoil, approximately 130,000 c.y. of site cut and fill including over excavation for all building pads and roadway, fine grading of site to +/- .10, excavation and backfill site wall and clay liner of pond.

North Garfield Ave. Improvements Project

DEI was awarded North Garfield Ave. Improvements project from the City of Loveland. This job consists of construction of North Garfield Ave North of Eisenhower Blvd. new alignment of the existing roadway. This includes Removal of Asphalt & Concrete, grading, installation of 1,300 l.f. of 18” RCP 500 l.f. of 24” RCP storm sewer, 2,066 l.f. of 8” PVC Waterline. 3,200 ton of asphalt paving, 4,210 tons of ABC, 9,063 s.y. of 12” Fly Ash Treatment, installation of 2,950 s.y. of Concrete Pavement, 1,627 s.y. of sidewalk, 2,669 l.f. curb, gutter, as well as 4,900 c.y. of unclassified excavation, traffic control & dewatering.

Roadway Erosion Control 2017

DEI was awarded the Roadway Erosion Control 2017 project from the City & County of Denver Department of Aviation. This project is located at Denver International Airport and consists of removing the existing shoulder from the E 77th Ave Conoco/Final Approach exit, along E 78th Ave and Gun Club Rd, to the IB Peña Blvd to Gun Club Rd off-ramp; Replacing with 2,650 s.y. of 10.75-inch depth concrete shoulder, 8-ft width, to include 2,812 l.f. of CDOT curb and gutter Type 2 (Section IIM); 8,756 c.y. of unclassified excavation, re-establish slope grades, and ditch and channel drainage patterns where possible to reduce flow velocity and erosion potential; 2,247 c.y. of riprap armoring, or other alternate design options may be explored, to aesthetically enhance the project area 1,030 l.f. of 24” RCP; Other erosion prevention measures such as check dams may also need to be integrated to further protect the slopes and channels; temporary traffic reconfiguration during construction, providing a safe work zone, while maintaining traffic flow in all directions.

College Green Pipe Replacement

DEI was awarded the College Green Pipe Replacement project from the City of Greeley. This project consists of removal of storm sewers, landscaping, asphalt, concrete curb & gutter, and sidewalk. Install 700 l.f. of 60” HP pipe, 3 box base storm sewer manholes with inlets, 40 l.f. of 4” – 12” PVC, roof and vault drains. Restore asphalt roadways and concrete flatwork, tackified finished ground for landscape restoration, construct and maintain erosion and sediment control on local streets.

Long Road & Holly Street Reconstruction

DEI was awarded the Long Road & Holly Street Reconstruction project from the City of Greenwood Village. Long Road Reconstruction - This project includes reconstruction of 4,900 l.f. two lane wide pavement, drain pan and sidewalk, 13,500 s.y. mill and overlay. Also includes 6,030 l.f. of 12”, 610 l.f. 8”, 470 l.f. of 6” PVC waterline, as well as 1,760 l.f. of 18”, 1,730 l.f. of 24” RCP storm sewer. 1.5 acres landscaping and irrigation, 750 l.f. guardrail and 2 median islands with enhanced concrete pavement. Holly Street Intersection Rehabilitation – This project includes full depth remove and replacement of curb and gutter, walk, and concrete pavement at 2 intersections, milling of remaining 2 concrete intersections, un-bonded 5” concrete overlay, integral color and highlight stampings, removal and replacement of curb and gutter at 3rd asphalt intersection, patchwork, milling, and SMA overlay. Landscape restoration, plantings, and irrigation modifications.