Duran Excavating 2015 Projects

2015 - General Storm

DEI was awarded the 2015 General Storm project from The City and County of Denver. This project consists of two locations, 11th Ave. and Elm Street, /S. Hudson St. and East Pacific Place. Detailed work includes installation of 135 l.f. 15” RCP, 402 l.f. of 18” RCP, 65 l.f. of 24” RCP, 195 l.f. 30” RCP, and 701’ l.f. of 36” RCP, manholes & inlets. Also included 1,165 c.y. unclassified excavation, water lowering, concrete removal and replacement, 53,000 s.y./inch asphalt replacement, 12,000 s.y./inch asphalt rotomill, 250 c.y. riprap.

8th Avenue Intersection Improvements

DEI was awarded the 8th Avenue Intersection Improvements project from the City of Greeley. Detailed work includes concrete and asphalt demolition, remove and abandon utilities, manholes etc., and installing a new storm line, manholes, inlets and all associated items for storm sewer system. The work will include a new concrete design for the block of 12th St. to 14th St. and asphalt pavement, along with new landscape design and irrigation and installing new light poles and street lights.

Brainard Drive Relocation

DEI was awarded the Brainard Drive Relocation project from the City & County of Broomfield. The work consists of Relocation of approximately 4,000 ft. of Brainard Drive, which includes 14,000 C.Y. of import, installation of 400 l.f, of 36” RCP storm sewer, asphalt removal, installation of 1,000 tons of asphalt paving, native landscape restoration. Work also includes demolition of curb, gutter & asphalt, asphalt milling, removal of fencing & culverts, strip & replace topsoil, erosion control, aggregate base course, structural concrete, guardrail, fencing and traffic control and installation of detour pavement.

CSU Multi-Purpose Stadium on Main Campus

DEI was awarded the CSU New Multi-Purpose Stadium project from M.A. Mortenson Construction. This project is for the construction of the new CSU Multi-purpose stadium. Detailed utility work includes site demolition, installation of 3,000 l.f. of 12” & 15” sanitary sewer, 2,000 l.f. of 12” C900 waterline, 500 l.f. of 18”, 500 l.f. of 24”, 1,000 l.f. of 36”, 500 l.f. of 42” and 600 l.f. of 53” RCP storm sewer system, and 400 l.f. of 96” CMP underground detention pond. Additional work also includes erosion control, traffic control, dewatering, and asphalt. Mass excavation work includes 60,000 c.y., structural excavation, backfill, building crane pads, import of structural fill, haul off 60,000 c.y. fill, haul off caisson spoils, building temporary roads, fine grading and erosion control.

Intersection Improvements at Vine & Shields

DEI was awarded the Intersection Improvements at Vine & Shields project from the City of Fort Collins. This project consists of the reconstruction of the intersection of Shields Street and Vine Drive. The intersection will be changed from a signalized intersection to a single lane roundabout. The project includes removals, erosion control, utility relocation and undergrounding, concrete construction (decorative and structural), concrete curb and gutter, asphalt paving, sidewalks, parkway construction, landscaped center island for roundabout with art piece, landscaped and raised medians with plantings, decorative railings with urban design, Low-Impact-Development areas for storm water runoff, drainage systems, irrigation system and tap, temporary traffic signals, and construction zone traffic control.

East Jewell Avenue at Gun Club Road

DEI was awarded the East Jewell Avenue at Gun Club Road project from the City of Aurora. DEI is adding a right turn land on East Jewell Ave. Detailed work includes adding approximately 600 l.f. of road extension to Jewell Ave, extending the ditch out to allow room for the turn lane, extending out 16 l.f. of 24” RCP storm system with FES. Work also includes erosion control and traffic control.

Stapleton North Field Campus Sports Complex

DEI was awarded the Stapleton North Field Campus Sports Complex project from GE Johnson Construction Company. The work consists This project consists of earthwork for a new sports complex including 27,868 c.y. of site cut & fill, 14,558 c.y. of export, fine grading, structural excavation and backfill, 1,275 tons of roadbase for the track and erosion control.

CSU Aggie Village

DEI was awarded the CSU Aggie Village project from PCL Construction Services Inc. The work consists of removal of the existing utilities, installation of 1,000 l.f. of 8” waterline and 6 fire services & 6 domestic services, 700 l.f. of 6” sanitary sewer with 6 storm sewer services with 4,000 l.f. of 6” & 8” roof drain.

North Suburban Medical Center Addition

DEI was awarded the North Suburban Medical Center Addition project from Batten & Shaw. The work consists of the demolition of the existing canopy, removal of concrete, signs, benches & trees. Work also consists of Building expansion which includes demolition of concrete, asphalt, and utility removals, clearing & grubbing, fine grading, backfill of the building & retaining wall, installation of a new 8” waterline & fire hydrant and installation of 18” RCP, manholes, & inlets.

Meyer Building Earthwork & Utilities

DEI was awarded the Meyer Building Earthwork and Utilities project from Shaw Construction. Detailed work includes erosion control, site clear & grub, strip & re-spread topsoil. Site cut & fill, over-excavate & recondition parking lot 3’ deep, and 6’ deep under buildings. Fine grade + or - .10, installation of approx. 980 l.f. of 12”-24” storm sewer pipe with inlets and manholes, installation of approx. 360 l.f. of 4”-8” PVC sanitary sewer main and service, and approx. 200 l.f. of 8” water main, and installation of fire hydrants, 220 l.f. of fire line, and 160 l.f. of 1” domestic service.

Island Grove Well Project Civil Phase

DEI was awarded the Island Grove Well project civil phase from the City of Greeley. The work consists of installation of 460 l.f. of 6” PVC to existing irrigation line, installation of 2 meter vaults & connecting the electrical system for a well, used for a non-potable watering system.

Cabela’s Corporate Expansion Phase 1A

DEI was awarded the Cabela’s Corporate Expansion Phase 1A project from the GE Johnson Construction Company. This work consists of both interior and exterior structural excavation which includes backfill, along with installation of 553 l.f. of perimeter drain.

Jamestown Construction Services for Permanent Repairs to Road & Water Distribution System

DEI was awarded the Jamestown Construction Services for Permanent Repairs to Road & Water Distribution System by Boulder County. The Flood of September 2013 devastated the small community of Jamestown, displacing 90% of the residents, leaving them without water for almost 10 months and damage to most streets. Duran Excavating, Inc. began water distribution system and road repairs to the community in early June 2014. Duran Excavating, Inc. removed and installed approximately 5,000 lf of water pipe, multiple service connections, hydrants and other appurtenances, constructed approximately 3,600 lf of aggregate road construction and three box culverts. The rebuilding of the waterline distribution in Jamestown was completed in August, 2014 and residents were finally able to return to their community and continue to rebuild. The remaining roadwork repairs was completed in September 2014.