Duran Excavating 2009 Projects

CSU Lagoon Detention Phase 1.

DEI was awarded the Lagoon Detention Phase 1 project from Colorado State University. Work consists of excavation and rough grade for the purpose of creating storm water detention on a location within the CSU Main Campus. The worksite will be lowered from the existing elevation, removal of bike path, termination of existing irrigation systems and electrical, and stockpile topsoil on site. Work also includes hauling 20,000 cy of subsoil & sod to the foothills campus.

Kern Ditch Railroad Crossing Pipeline Replacement.


DEI was awarded the Kern Ditch Railroad Crossing Pipeline Replacement project by the Town of Windsor. Work consists of the replacement of 148’ of ductile iron irrigation pipe running under an existing railroad line. Work also consists of removal and reinstallation of the railroad track, a concrete headwall and concrete ditch lining, cathodic protection and bypass pumping.

Vestas Blades Factory Windsor Project.


DEI was awarded the site utilities for the Vestas Blades factory in Windsor from the General Contractor, MA Mortenson. Work consisted of installation of approx. 1,000 lf of ADS Storm Sewer Pipe, Installation of Roof Drains and Concrete Pans.

High Plains Disposal.

DEI was awarded the High Plains Disposal job in Kersey, CO by Macrum Building Systems. Work consists of overlot grading, import fill for building pad, installing a gravel access road and storm culverts.

Mason Trail.

DEI was awarded the Mason bike/pedestrian trail project from the city of Fort Collins. The work consists of the construction of a new bike and walking path along Mason St. from Prospect Road to Spring Creek. Work includes installation of 2,180’ concrete trail and crosswalk, rest area and pedestrian bridge.

West Alameda Parkway Sanitary Sewer Improvements.

DEI was awarded the West Alameda Parkway sanitary sewer improvements project from the Green Mountain Water and Sanitation District in Lakewood, CO. The work consists of installation of 1760 L.F. of PVC sewer main and 6 manholes, jack and bore approx. 105 L.F. of 21” sewer with steel casing pipe under West Alameda Pkwy, Replace of trees and installation of irrigation system, seeding, paving and installation of concrete path.

Jeffco Open Schools Project.

DEI was awarded the earthwork, demolition and site utilities for Jeffco Open Schools in Lakewood from the General Contractor, GE Johnson Construction. The work consists of earthwork, including structure excavation, backfill & grading and over-lotting, Demo existing two-story building on site, remove existing parking lot and installation of Storm and sanitary system and waterline.

10th St. and 32nd Ave.

DEI was awarded the 10th St and 32nd Ave. storm sewer project from the City of Greeley. The work consists of the construction of a new storm sewer conveyance system at 10th Street and 32nd Ave extending 1300’, including earthwork, installation of approx. 930’ of storm pipe and 394’ of sanitary sewer, removal and installation of flatwork and rock walls.